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Trampoline Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

A backyard trampoline is such a wonderful feature to your home. If you have kids, this turns into an instant play area that would surely inspire them to come out and enjoy the outdoors. Aside from kids, trampolines can be fun for adults as well. There is no limit as to who can enjoy playing in the trampoline as long as you follow the safety measures to keep everyone safe.

Trampolines these days are already designed to be safer than they were many decades ago. A lot of safety features have been added to the usual trampoline design which helps assure the user of a safer and more fun outdoor experience. However, even if you have the safest trampoline, we can’t tell when accidents can happen. It is still best to employ some safety measures when using the trampoline to lessen the chances of injuries.

Here are some of the basic safety measures you should keep in mind when using a trampoline.

Use Safety Pads and Nets

Safety pads are installed on the frame, springs, and the hooks. The padding serves as a protective layer that covers these parts to lessen the impact when someone hits on these parts. Aside from that, choosing trampolines with enclosure nets are also safer than other types. The net helps prevent people from falling off the trampoline when they lose balance while jumping.

Create Rules and Impose Them

If you’re a parent, it is important to create rules when using the trampoline and impose them to everyone who uses the trampoline especially the kids. Set things that they can or can’t do on the trampoline to minimize the risk of accidents from happening. When kids are playing on the trampoline, be sure that there’s an adult there to supervise over them and enforce the trampoline safety rules that you made.

Set Up the Trampoline on a Safe Place

When setting up a trampoline, be sure that it is located on a flat, level ground and an open area. This keeps the trampoline balanced and prevents it from tipping over when someone jumps on it. Aside from that, be sure that it is set not too high from the ground for lesser impact just in case someone falls down from it. Lastly, setup the trampoline away from anything that your kids might get caught up on while they are jumping such as tree branches, and many more.

Inspect It Regularly

Lastly, you should inspect the trampoline regularly, before using it. Be sure that all the parts are intact and there are no damages or signs of wear that might worsen when someone jumps on the trampoline. When you notice some rips or damage on the trampoline, be sure to fix or replace that part first before putting the trampoline back to use.

Playing on a trampoline is definitely a lot of fun. However, you should also see to it that the safety of your family and everyone using it is prioritized at all times.

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