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Should you be Spending More Money or Less Money on Clothes?

When it comes to clothes most people tend to fall into one of two camps. Either you’re going to be spending an unreasonable amount of money on clothes or you’re going to be spending virtually nothing on them.  We firmly believe that you should be spending a good amount of money on clothes, and we will be getting into why in this article.

You may think that spending $500 on a leather jacket is a little extreme especially because our current culture of fast fashion has us believing that every bit of apparel needs to be cheap and completely disposable. But this is not the case, if you look at any exceptionally dressed person, you will be able to notice that they walk with a certain confidence in their clothes. Knowing that they paid more for their apparel makes them feel better. However, money is not always a guarantee of quality, and you may be able to find fantastic garments at an affordable price. This is why we advocate for Scanlan Theodore in Brisbane. They have some fantastic clothes at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

So, what are some of the reasons why you should be wearing more expensive clothes? Well for starters, more expensive clothes are likely made of a more high-quality material making it obvious that they will last longer. You may have noticed in your own shopping ventures that the less you pay for a piece of clothing, the more easily it seems to fall apart. On the contrary, the more you spend on a piece of clothing, the longer it lasts in general. Higher quality clothes are generally better made and last longer. They use better materials, have better stitching etc.

 You will also be more likely to mix pieces together. One of the best things about having more expensive clothes is that you will likely have fewer clothes, making it easier for you to improvise new looks by mixing and matching between your preexisting tried and tested outfits. Instead of going out and buying a lot of cheap tops and pants you will be more likely to get more wear out of more expensive garments. In addition, by spending money on the more classic pieces out there, you will find that your looks are more timeless, and will work for any occasion.

You’ll also be a lot more comfortable in general. By spending more money on an outfit, you are basically paying for three things, the brand, the materials, and the labor that went into it. The more you are willing to spend on an item the more likely it is that all three of those factors will be higher in quality, meaning that they are going to be built far better, and will be more comfortable. Think of it like this, remember the last time you wore cheap, synthetic material? Remember how badly it breathed and how bad it made you feel? The more you spend on clothes the more likely that they will be nothing like that cheap synthetic experience.

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