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Things to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing is an area that many people don’t know much about. There’s no surprise there. It’s not like plumbing is exactly the most glamorous job in the world. However, plumbers are extremely important and are a vital component of everyday life. If you want to hire a plumber for whatever problem you have with your pipes, we highly recommend that you ask the following questions first.

You want a plumber who really knows his stuff, if they don’t know what the vital components of the plumbing process are, things like high pressure slurry valves, then there really is no point in hiring them. In all seriousness do visit the link because the equipment that they sell over there is fantastic and will absolutely blow you away.

So, what are the likely questions that you need to ask? One of the first questions that you should ask is “how much would it cost me?” The longer you put off asking the inevitable, the less control you’re going to have over the question. Be careful about plumbers who are quick to give a quotation because an experienced plumber knows that they really need to take a look at the problem before promising a fixed price. An experienced plumber will also be able to tell you the price of any additional materials that they need to finish the job. Inexperienced plumbers or scam artists will fix the problem halfway and then announce that they need to buy an additional component that will cost a huge amount of money etc. etc. Go for experience every time.

You can also ask who exactly is going to be working on the job. You don’t want some inexperienced greenhorn working on your pipes, rather you need someone who has a bit of experience under their belt because it is only then that you can have the peace of mind that you require.  In addition to checking who exactly is going to be coming to help you out, you can also ask if the plumber is licensed or not. If the area you are in requires blue collar workers such as plumbers to be licensed, then you should definitely ask if they are licensed. Ask them to show you evidence as well just so that you can be doubly sure. Though they may have a license, if they got it relatively recently you might want someone more experienced to handle the job.

You can then ask if the rate that they are charging is hourly or if it is a fixed rate. Make sure that you take some time to go over the estimate so that you don’t encounter any surprises when it comes to the bill down the line. If they charge an hourly rate, ask them how long it will take to complete the job so that you can set your eyes on a price. An experienced plumber will be able to tell you just how long they will need to solve the problem.

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