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Swimming Pool Basics – Knowing the Parts of a Pool

Owning a backyard swimming pool comes with a certain set of responsibilities, one of which is maintenance. And in order to ensure you are able to handle such a task, it is essentially important for you to know the parts of the pool. This way you’ll able to understand what needs fixing in case anything goes wrong, or even figure out the way to keep it clean and uncontaminated.

There are a lot more technological parts at work in your pool, especially during the summer. Keep reading this article as we take a look at and understand the basic parts of a swimming in order to have a better knowledge about its working system. 

A Water Filter

Although in swimming pools we tend to add things such as chlorine to help kill the bacteria, that isn’t generally enough in order to keep it fully clean and free from dirt and debris. This is where the water filter comes into play. It helps take away the rest of the dirt particles thus helping you keep the pool with crystal clear surfaces.

A Basin

The swimming pool basin is the basic structure of the pool which comes in variety of different sizes to fit your needs and backyard space. The basins are almost always insulated on the outer structure in order to enhance its thermal performance while also waterproofing the installation. The height of the basin also depends on how shallow or deep you want the pool to be.

A Motor Pump

In order for the pool water to fall into the skimmers, it needs to pull water into the filtration system and this pull is created with a help of a motor pump which churns the water and help create a vacuum. Different motor pumps are available depending on its horsepower which generally ranges from ¾ to 3. You can learn more about pool pump motors here.

Suction Lines

Suction lines are the PVC pipes present in a swimming pool that helps in connecting all of the pool’s elements. It allows the pool to carry water from the skimmer to the pump. A PVC plumbing tube provides your swimming pool not only with a long service life with waterproofing features. Suction lines are easily installed and are also easy to handle.

A Main Drain

The main drain of your pool is often located towards the deeper end of your pool. As the name suggests, a main drain allows you to drain the pool’s water when need be. However, it also tends to play the same role of a skimmer which we will discuss in the lines below.


The skimmer is an element of your pool that is built on the sides. They’re opening sizes differ from small to medium. A skimmer is what sucks in the pool water, cleans and filters it before pushing it back out. This too helps you in maintaining clean pools free of dust and other garden dirt such as leaves, twigs, etc.

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