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What to Know About Renting a Storage Unit

There are short term and long term storage facilities that can offer you a lot of choices regarding the size and nature of storage units. You have to consider what items you will be storing in it and the volume required to select a unit.

There are two types of storage options that you can consider. One is a self-storage and the other is full-service storage. In the latter option, the storage company will pick up the items you want to be stored from a location of your choice and then deliver them to the storage unit. You can also pick up the items by letting the company know and they will do the needful. There are mobile apps that are provided by the company where you can simply let them know what you need. You don’t have to worry about how to transport your items to the unit and back. All of this will be taken care of by the company. Your belongings will also be documented through photos so that you know exactly what is in the unit.

When it comes to Betta self-storage Melbourne, the responsibility of delivering and picking up the items is the responsibility of the customer. The customer will document the belongings inside the unit. This is more affordable when compared to full-service storage and is the most common type of storage unit used. There is no restriction on the size of items that you can store. When choosing between self-storage or full-service storage, you will have to think about the price and whether you are able to pick up the items when required. If you have a vehicle already and you are looking for something affordable, then self-storage may be the best option for you. But for long term storage where you have a lot of items to be moved and you are not planning on moving the items in a hurry, you can have a full-service rental to make it easier.

There is some documentation that will be required when you are renting a storage unit. For example, some companies will need an ID issued by the government when you first reserve the units. There are many companies that provide storage unit rentals so you will need to do some research on which companies offer storage solutions closer to you and the price ranges along with features offered. Or in the event of moving house, you can choose a storage unit that is closer to your new home so that it is easier to move the items at the end. Generally, you will be able to rent a unit about a month ahead of the actual time. But you will need to speak with the company to hammer out the details. Once you have signed the rental contract, you will be given a date to move in your belongings. Or if you are using a full-service storage solution, the company will let you know when they will pick up the belongings. The contract may charge weekly or monthly.

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