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What to do with Leftover Resin

If you are used to working with resin and creating resin art, it is inevitable to have leftover resin after a project. But you don’t need to throw this away. You can get the most out of your money and avoid wastage by using this leftover resin in a clever way.

For regular resin users, it is second nature to work quickly with resin in order to prevent it becoming too thick to pour into the mould. So you can use this leftover resin for smaller quick projects such as making coasters or sealing rocks. You need to prepare everything first before creating the resin mix. You can find many supplies for your resin craft at the online. If you have any queries about the products, you can always contact them for clarifications. You can use a resin art calculator to arrive at the accurate amount of resin needed for the project. And for regular users, this leftover resin can be a great way to experiment with new techniques and create new items. Resin is very versatile and you can come up with new ideas of what to do. You can mix it with different materials to see the end result. This will give you a lot of inspiration to find unique resin crafts. You can be the person that starts new resin trends! With limitless imagination and creativity, you can create so many items that are decorative and functional. You can use it in home improvement and interior design projects. So experiment with different materials to colour resin such as nail polish or even household spices. Even if you make some mistakes, this will only help you improve your craft better.

With smaller quantities of leftover resin, you can make small jewellery pieces that can be gifted to loved ones. You can make tiny pendants and rings with resin. For example, you can use gift wrap and certain fabrics to make unique necklaces. If you have unused fabric or offcuts that are of a beautiful pattern, this can be a unique idea to try. If you have excess resin after pouring into a mould, you can form the leftover resin into jewellery pieces of unique shapes. Have you thought of elevating your doorknob design? You can cask so many different things such as fabrics, leaves, sequins, glitter, buttons etc. into quirky doorknobs that you will not find anywhere else. This will give a unique element to your home and you will be able to experiment with different shapes as well. You can use leftover resin to repair certain things. You can brush it on a wooden board by using a foam brush. You can also create a collage or cover a canvas with the resin to give a different finish. You can give a shiny effect to a matt finish item. So in this instance, you are actually using it as a sealant. And if you have an existing picture frame, you can use resin to elevate its appearance by embedding different materials into it. This will create a nice personalised gift.

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