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Ways to Customize your Clothes.

Clothes say a huge amount about your personality, everything from the colors that you wear, to the types of outfits you choose, can have people making slight judgments about you as a person. It’s important that you know that dressing like a slob will have people thinking that you’re a slob, and dressing like a CEO, will have people thinking that you’re a CEO.

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One of the best things that you can do to really express yourself through your fashion is by customizing them. Nothing says “I care about how I look” than a well-done custom job, and today we’re going to be telling you the best ways of customizing your clothes.

One of the things that you can do is to cut up the clothes. Yes, you heard me right, simply cut it up. The concept itself may be foreign to you if you’ve been wearing off the rack your entire life, but clothes can be expanded, shrunk, cut up, and recolored plenty to suit your style. If you want to customize your old T-shirt, you can simply cut a little off the bottom, or near the sleeve, cut the collar, cut the sleeves etc. At the end of the day, you are going to end up with something totally different from what you started out with.

Another way that you can make modifications to your clothes is by putting pins on them. Putting a pin on your clothes wherever you please, from the collar to the back seat of your trousers, will add really nice finishing detail, or even transform your outfit from bad to bomb. Another easy fix that you can do to your clothes is to get a pair of scissors and shorten the clothing. A dress that looks boring can be made much nicer by taking a few inches off.

If you want to get a little bit more involved, then get a sewing kit out because we’re doing some stitching. Transform an old dress into something cute by adding a collar to it. If done well, adding a collar can be a way of saving an old dress from the garbage heap. You can make a collar out of practically any material you want, if you can’t be bothered why not just cut up an old button-front shirt, and repurpose the collar?

You can also tie-dye if you’re all about that hippie life. Simply watch some videos on YouTube and try your hand at it. It’s not particularly hard to do plus it looks absolutely great and can help to bring old shirts to life. Get crafty and you won’t regret it (to be fair do make sure that the colors you choose play well together otherwise you might just end up ruining the tee)

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