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Most Recommended Pet Lizards for Beginners

A lot of people love to have a pet whether it is a dog, cat, bunny, bird, and other more usual pets. However, there are some few people who look for exotic pets instead because they are more unique and exciting to own.

There are actually plenty of exotic pet animals to choose from such as snakes, spiders, axolotls, and many more. One of the most popular among them are lizards. Lizards are great as pets because unlike other exotic animals like snakes and spiders, people don’t tend to get nervous or scared around these animals.

There are plenty of lizard types to choose from. You can go for either a burrowing or climbing lizard, nocturnal or diurnal, water-loving or not. It all depends on which one suits your preference and you feel comfortable taking care of.

Although lizards require a different care unlike regular pets, they are still great for beginners even if they are still learning the ways of lizard ownership. Here are some of the best lizards that aren’t too sensitive, making them perfect for newbie lizard owners.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are the most popular lizard pet among exotic pet owners. They have a good personality and prefer a large, dry and hot habitat. When taken care of properly, they won’t show much fear or aggression when being held and they could also grow at just about 2 feet in length, making them still easier to handle even when they are already fully grown.

Leopard Gecko

If you prefer ground-dwelling lizards, then the leopard gecko is at the top of the list. Leopard geckos prefer to crawl on rocks, ground, and rest on tree barks. They don’t usually climb up that high unlike other lizards making it perfect if you prefer a lower enclosure.

Leopard geckos are a lot easier to feed than a bearded dragon since they prefer to eat crickets and treats rather than salads. You could just buy live crickets for lizards and have a fresh fun treat for your pet every time.

Crested Gecko

For those who love the climbing lizard type, a crested gecko would be a perfect choice. Unlike the previous two lizards, crested geckos need a taller enclosure since they really love to climb up high. They prefer a warm humid habitat and would live perfectly well in a naturally planted enclosure with so many things to climb up on.


Lastly, if you feel that keeping a stock of live insects in your home is too much, then a uromastyx is a great lizard choice for you. They are vegetarians and could survive on salads and even seeds. They also adjust relatively easy to handling and are more behaved than other lizard species. Their habitat is also easier to set up and they are also more involved and interactive with their owners than other lizard types.

Now that you have some great pet lizard ideas for beginners, you could start your journey in exotic pet ownership and have a whole different pet experience.

Blane Sanchez
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