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Maintenance Tips for a Refrigerated Truck for Product Safety

The products carried in refrigerated trucks are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes so you need to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition at all times. This can be done by being stringent in your truck selection process and carrying out routine maintenance properly.

A Melbourne transport refrigeration should be able to provide consistent temperatures throughout the entire journey. This will prevent wastage of food as it can be delivered to the end of the chain at a high quality. By maintaining the right temperature, food is not prone to spoilage and you will be able to avoid bacterial or mould contamination. There should be routine inspections conducted by the driver of the vehicle to ensure that there is no issue before and after the trip. The refrigeration unit has to be measured and calibrated manually and the driver has to make sure that the compressor is working normally. Therefore, the driver of the vehicle should have the right training, background and experience to be able to understand how vital parts such as the evaporator and condenser work and how to identify any issues.  The training they receive will differ according to the types of items they transport. You also need to check when routine maintenance of the vehicle has to be done as well by working with a good mechanic.

During the inspections, another routine check-up is to see whether oil is leaking from the compressor or the engine. To ensure that the refrigerated truck arrives safely at the end destination, you need to make sure there is a list of safety protocols and standards that are stringently followed. One of the first things on that list has to be keeping the diesel tank full. A refrigerated truck will use a lot of fuel and this is what will power the refrigeration unit. When food is transported in trailers, there have to be a thorough cleaning after the job so that there is no room for contamination. This will require power washing the trailer floor to remove any trace of the transported items. This is good for the truck as well.

To avoid cross contamination, the cleanliness and hygiene of the trailer has to be at a high degree and there are safe food hauling practices to adhere to. So there should be sufficient separation when transporting different kinds of food. The drivers should undergo safety training so that they are able to maintain safety of the food they are transporting. This will give them an idea of safe handling of food and beverages as well. Bu maintaining quality standards, you will be able to minimize any food hazards. There should be shopping records maintained to provide information about how the refrigerated truck is handled and the frequency of truck inspections carried out by drivers. You will need to check with the authority that pertains to your country to get an idea of the agreements and regulations to handling food and maintaining food safety. The records should be kept for a specific amount of time and this is generally a year minimum.

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