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Learn Your Vehicle by Heart, Start with The Tyres

To optimize a tyre for the demands of their cars, most vehicle manufacturers would have worked closely with a premium tyre maker. This process is known as Original Equipment, or OE fitting. An original equipment (OE) tyre will have been carefully adjusted and fitted to a certain vehicle, which is more prevalent with premium or high-performance manufacturers. For example, Jaguar has a specific range of tyres that are designated with a J rating, which is often located on the sidewall of the tyre after the size designation. Purchasing a piece of original equipment (OE) tyre is usually recommended by manufacturers because of the technology and effort invested in designing and manufacturing them specifically for a certain vehicle. Although it is not required, it is worthwhile to determine whether your warranty will be voided if you purchase a different tyre from the one you have. 

Do you prefer to get new cheap tyres sunshine in the winter or the summer? It is possible that a major variation in driving circumstances will have a considerable impact on the handling of your car. As more people become aware of the advantages of winter tyres, there has been a significant growth in the demand for them in recent years. It is not just in harsh weather conditions that winter tyres are employed; they also improve the handling and control of your car in any road conditions below 7 degrees Celsius, whether wet, dry or even ice in nature. The stiffening effect of a winter tyre, which is made of a natural rubber compound and has a broad groove design, is enhanced when the temperature drops below freezing point, allowing for better traction on snow. Summer tyres, on the other hand, include compositions that give better grip and handling on both wet and dry roads at temperatures over 7 degrees Celsius, as well as improved fuel economy.

Because of the knowledge, experience, money, and effort put in optimizing a specific tyre for the demands of a given vehicle, premium brands have earned their position. To achieve perfection in the balance of ride, handling, and road noise, it takes around three years for a new tyre type to be developed before it is introduced to the market. When comparing price, technology, and specifications, you’ll find that mid-range tyres fall in the middle of the market because they clearly offer more in the way of performance and wear when compared to the budget brands, and benefit from similar technology and performance as the premium-branded tyres but are made with lower-quality materials to allow for a reduction in price. Due to the fact that budget tread designs are not protected by a patent, when a premium brand introduces a new tyre, you can expect a budget brand to closely copy the style and pattern of the new product, passing through quality control in around three months. Regardless of price, you will need to get good tyres as they are that important when it comes to vehicles.

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