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Importance of Puppy Obedience Training

Bringing a new puppy to your home can be very exciting and this will be the start of a beautiful relationship. However, you need to prioritise on their training so that your puppy a well-behaved companion. This will also contribute to their overall wellbeing.

The bond between you and your puppy is affected by communication.

And with obedience training, a structured environment can be created where the puppy can learn cues and commands. This allows you to build a strong foundation to communicate with the puppy. This will allow for mutual understanding and you will be able to communicate your expectations with clarity so that the puppy responds appropriately as well. You can enrol your puppy in puppy school to achieve this. The benefit of having a well-trained puppy is that they will avoid situations that are potentially dangerous. This will ensure their safety and help prevent accidents. Some of the basic commands your puppy will learn will be “stay”, “sit” and “come”; these commands are essential to keeping your puppy safe. This allows for better control in different situations. You need to address behavioural issues before they become habits. Some undesirable habits that can be prevented or stopped early on in training are aggression, chewing and barking. By intervening early on, your puppy can learn positive habits and how to properly interact with people and animals.

Puppies are very social and by exposing them to different animals,

People and environments, you will be able to enhance their social development. Socialisation is one aspect of obedience training and this exposes your puppy to different stimuli in a controlled way. This will help your puppy become comfortable in different situations and allow them to grow up well-adjusted. This is a great way to reduce fear based anxiety or aggression later on. The training process is a great way to create a strong bond between you and the puppy. You will be able to spend quality time with them together under the guidance of an experienced trainer. And this will also reinforce your role as a source of support to them. You will be able to share experiences during this critical time in their life which will help improve the overall quality of the relationship between you and the puppy.

Puppy training

Also contributes to mental stimulation as there are many training exercises that they will need to engage with. In addition to learning commands, they will also be encouraged to improve cognitive skills and problem solving. When puppies are bored, there can be many destructive behaviours that can arise as a result and you will be able to ensure your puppy is content due to proper mental stimulation. When you have a well-behaved puppy, this will make vet visits easier to handle. It will be easier to manage veterinary examinations and they will corporate during grooming as well so that it creates a stress-free experience for the puppy and the vet or the groomer. Also, a well-trained puppy will find it easier to adapt to new experiences and environments contributing to their resilience.

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