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How to Look Like an Expert on a Horse

If you’re thinking about your first horse ride that is coming up in a few days, don’t worry, it’s natural to feel a little bit nervous. If you think about it, the horse is several times larger than a human and is more than capable of launching a human being straight to death. This is a very real danger of horseback riding, and this is why it is necessary that you get the support of a professional when you’re a brand-new rider. Professional trainers will help you become more confident in the saddle, and they will help by sharing riding tips and best practices. After all, these are people that have been riding for probably years if not decades. But they will likely be able to relate to you regardless of the difference in expertise. Even an expert was once a novice, right?

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You will likely need some time to get used to the horse and horse riding in general. After all, you can’t exactly pick up the skill in just a day. You will need to keep at it for some time to get even close to good at riding the horse.

So how exactly can we look professional on the saddle and not like such an extreme newbie? Well, one of the best ways to influence this is to show up in the correct attire. There are two styles of riding, Western and English riding. Regardless of the style, you will want to ride your horse while wearing the correct attire. This means that you shouldn’t be wearing ridiculous attire like miniskirts, sarongs, or shorts. Instead, long pants and closed-toe footwear are considered the standard for horseback riding. This isn’t even a particularly hard set of requirements; all you need to do is use common sense.

The next thing that you do is to greet the horse. You greet the horse by approaching it slowly but confidently while having an arm outstretched with your palm facing down. This gives the horse an invitation to smell you and mentally register your smell to your identity as a person. The horse isn’t simply some kind of car or a vehicle. It is a living being, that experiences moods, fear, joy etc. so it is important that we give it the respect that it deserves.

Afterwards, you want to mount the horse confidently and sit up straight. Mounting the horse confidently means mounting with vigor. Usually, if you are nervous, the horse will be nervous too and that usually doesn’t translate well into its riding. By making a conscious effort to sit up straight you not only save your back from a lot of pain later on in the day but you also look far more regal.

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