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How to Hire a Great Cleaner

If you’re a homeowner or the manager of an office, you will find that you require a cleaner at some point or another. Why? You may be very busy with work, the kids might be taking up a lot of your time, or the employees may be complaining that you’re getting them to do all the cleaning. For all intents and purposes, hiring a professional cleaner will always be better than doing it by yourself. You can be assured that the job will be done extraordinarily well, and you will also realize that they often venture into the oft unexplored cracks of the home such as the space behind the tv, the couch, and under the bed.

There is nothing better than walking into a freshly cleaned space. For some reason, it’s almost as if the air was a bit sweeter and the room was a bit brighter. If you want a professionally cleaned house, then you will be required to actually hire a cleaner. But which cleaner you may be thinking. This is where office cleaning Perth comes in, they have a great team of cleaners that you can hire for all kinds of jobs, and they are sure to leave your space looking spotless.

So, what are the things that you want to look for as a sign of a good cleaner? One of the best signs is their experience. Ensure that you ask about what clients they have looked after before, the kinds of methods that they use and the services that they offer. The cleaner is going to be granted access to most areas of the office or home, so ensure that they have great references so that you don’t find out that you’re missing a valuable item later on down the line.

After finding out their experience you will likely want to ask more questions to figure out if you two are a good fit for each other. You may want to ask how many years of experience they have, the types of cleaning supplies that they use, the rates they charge, their charging scheme, their terms of service, and if there are any references that you can talk to.

And then to the most important part of the entire arrangement which is the agreement. What you will want to do in this step is outline literally everything that matters. This includes the frequency of their visits, what areas of the home or office will be cleaned, the hours which they will be in the space, and the rate as well. You might want to get specific with your requirement. If you’re particularly worried about something fragile in the room, you might want to tell the cleaner to not approach that item or clean that room.  Depending on whether it is an individual cleaner or a cleaning company you may want to draft up a contract. Most individual housekeepers are more than happy to work without a contract in place.

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