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Different Types of Men’s Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a must-have wardrobe item and they can be so versatile. There are also so many different types of polo shirts from what you have normally seen. So this actually extends the realm of styling with a polo shirt.

Short sleeve polo shirts are the most common variety that you will see in stores. There are different colours and materials you can find for these. These have a finished hem on the sleeve and generally, the torso length is shorter with the back being longer in certain models. You can wear this tucked into your pants even though it is mostly worn untucked. The collar is generally soft and unstructured with about 4 buttons maximum. Short sleeved polo shirts are made from a blend of cotton, polyester or a bit of both. These are great for comfort. The pique polo shirt is very common and these are made of heavier fabric than dress shirts so they drape quite easily. The fabric comes with a natural stretch that allows freedom of movement and it is textured. Piquet polo shirts are quite durable and the name comes from the fabric that it is made from. You can also find lightweight polo shirts made of cotton that feelsimilar to wearing a t-shirt and this is a great option for hot summer days.These lightweight polo shirts come with a check pocket that can be used for a casual wear outfit.

When it comes to polo shirts aimed at athletic wear, the fabric comes with moisture wicking properties with increased stretch so it doesn’t restrict movement of the person when engaged in sports. These are made of performance fabrics or a blend of cotton and polyester. There are also long sleeve polo shirts for men and these come with certain unique features such as buttoned sleeve cuffs, structured sleeve cuffs and button down collars. These are a casual clothing item and you can opt for these in the colder months instead of the standard short sleeve shirt for more coverage and comfort. If you are looking for a dressier polo, you can consider long sleeved polo shirts made of wool. These will also have buttoning plackets and collars keeping you warm in cold weather. They can be worn as one of the layers in your outfit. However, these will not be very long lasting unless you take special care of them.

There are golf polo shirts that generally come with short sleeves for better mobility. They will be made of a performance fabric with good stretch and temperature control. Collared shirts are usually compulsory when you are on a golf course so polo shirts are ideal for this. There are shirts that are made specifically for golfers with some useful characteristics built in. Rugby shirts are usually durable polo shirts that come with a team logo or horizontal stripes as a pattern. These come in contrast colours for easy identification of teams and you will have the option of choosing a colour for the cuffs and collars.

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