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7 Wonderful Wedding Favour Ideas for Your Big Day

Giving out wedding favours is a tradition that almost all wedding follows through with in order to thank the guests as well as give them a memorable item to hold on to. While some opt for edibles other tend to give ornamental items, both of which have the couple names and wedding date engraved. So, if you are prepping for your big day and trying to figure out the best wedding favour options available out there for you, then keep reading this article as we have put together a list full of ideas.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps are turning out to be the next best thing when it comes to wedding favours as of late. They are not only aesthetics but even organic. You can customize the scents and looks to match your theme and even select the perfect packaging to top it all off.

Magnet Keepsakes

Magnets are a great form of keepsake for all your guests. From grabbing premium custom magnets to maybe even customizing funky ones to put a smile on everyone’s faces on your big day, you can personalize them however you like. Floral magnets made of tiny dried flowers are also a cute way to go.

Pretty Coasters

With resin art takin a turn amongst all crafters, you can customize you own designed coasters. If not for resin made you can even opt for wooden engraved ones. Either way, they are a unique form of wedding favour that are sure to get your guests excited and use it as a part of their home décor.

Flavoured Coffee or Tea

Today, the variety of tea and coffee flavours available have got us wanting to try them all. However, did you know they also make for a pretty wedding favour especially when given in a cute packaging such as tea bags, coffee packets or even tiny test tubes with a label of your names and dates on them?

Colourful Cakesicles

One of the most trending edible wedding favours as of late are the Cakesicles. Cakesicles are basically cake dipped in chocolate in the shape of a Popsicle. They are often decorated with beautiful eye candy designs in and put together in colours that you want. You can even select flavours and combinations.

Plant Pots

The plants moms and dads amongst your guests are going to be specifically fond of this particular gift favour. It is also a great way to portray your love for flowers and gardening if it’s a passion you yourself hold. This makes the wedding favour feel closer to your heart and more meaningful.

Box of Macarons

Who doesn’t love a good box of macarons with unique flavours that burst within your mouth? Macarons are also a work of art and is one of the most favourite sweet dishes by many across the world, not just France. No better way to make you sweet day even sweeter.

If none of the above catches your eye, then you can always go for a good old scented candle!

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