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Australia 101: A Must-Read Insight on Tasmania

Whether you’re looking to settle or simply travel to Tasmania, there are a bunch of wonderful facts that you probably have very little clue about. Reading an informative insight on it can help you understand better the great opportunities the place has to offer you alongside the fun and wonderful activities you can enjoy!

However, there’s more to Tasmania than just that. As an island state of Australia, it is the smallest one of all with Hobart as its capital. Here in this article, we have provided you with an insightful set of information regarding this beautiful place.

The history and culture of Tasmania

Founded and named first by a European explorer called Abel Janszoon Tasman in 1642, Tasmania is a state that is rich in culture and history till this very day. This particular state is a mountainous one with many valleys and ridges present in it.

Although Tasmania has no state bird, the state flower is known to be the Tasmanian Blue Gum. Did you know that it is the world’s 26th largest island? And an island with a rich culture at that. This is due to the fact that Tasmania is constantly filled with beautiful festivals that features local wine, ciders as well as live music.

The fantastic lifestyle present in Tasmania

Climate – The climate of Tasmania is generally a moist and equable one with warm summers and mild winters. While there is a bit of rainfall during the summers from year to year, the best place to be in during the winter is in the north and west while the east allows you to make the most of spring.

Presence of renewable resources – One of the best parts of living in Tasmania is the presence of natural resources that allow the people living there to reap great benefits without running out. From hydroelectric power to solar panels Tasmania is a state that makes the most of renewable resources thus being a very ecofriendly environment.

Diversity –if you’re looking for a place that offers great people, wonderful opportunities as well as leisure time, then there’s no better and diverse place that Tasmania as it is one of the most fun and quirky island states of Australia. You can even travel in any given transport such as you own vehicle be it bikes, cars, etc. or even through public transport systems such as buses, taxis, etc.

Sights to see and places to explore 

There are a variety of sight for you to drop by and explore in Tasmania. Alongside having a wonderful variety of restaurant and pubs for you to experiences food and wine from, there are also great mountain ranges, national parks, forest reserves, marines and even World Heritage Area for you to discover and make the most of. You could also go ahead and check out the world’s oldest golf course present in the southern hemisphere.

Alongside the above information, a few things worth knowing is the fact that Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air as well as some of the world’s oldest trees.

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