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5 Main Uses of Daggers

Among all the weapons which were used from the ancient times in wars and battles, daggers had a significant place because it’s unique. They were used as primary weapons and also as secondary fighting weapons as well. But, in the modern world daggers are not used as fighting weapons. Instead, they are used for safe purposes. Dagger is a bladed weapon like a knife, but is more powerful than a knife.

These possess a great and a comfortable grip which makes it easier to the user to handle. And moreover, the blade looks larger and thicker as well. There are different types of daggers present in the modern market as fantasy daggers, medieval daggers and push daggers as well. And the most popular type of dagger is the push dagger. Now, we will look into the main uses of daggers to the present society.


This is one of the important fields where daggers are used nowadays. Daggers which have blades with sharp points on them are used for this purpose. The specialty of these blades is that these blades are very sharp and can cause very serious injuries. Daggers are a perfect match for combat because they are easy to grip and provide a great control as well.

Self defence

Push dagger can be stated as the modern-day dagger which is used for self-defence. It consists of a powerful blade with a sharp point on it which can cause very deep wounds. These types of daggers can be easily used against attackers. It is lightweight and gives the user very good control over the weapon. Push dagger being a small, it can be very easily carried in your pocket itself. So, this is one of the best daggers in the market.


Modern daggers are used as cosplay weapons as well. Daggers are mostly used to act out roles of ancient warriors in the battlefield as their costumes. By using daggers, the costumes are portrayed more beautiful and makes a huge impact as well. So, these are used by almost all role players.


There are many modern enthusiasts in the present society. These enthusiasts love to collect historical weapons. Daggers considered as one of the significant weapons in the past and it is not a big wonder that they are collected by them very frequently. So, almost all types of daggers are considered as collectibles.


Modern daggers are known as great décor items. Because these can be hung on the walls of your homes without a much hassle. And some people also opt to hang daggers on their offices and workplaces as well. Because it makes the walls more significant and creates a great impact on the visitors’ minds. And daggers mostly come with a wall plaque which makes it easier to display on the walls.

So, these are the main uses of daggers and it is very evident that they have a significant place in the present society as well.

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