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Understanding the Differences between Public School and Private School

There are many different types of schools and you need to carry out a lot of research and understand your child’s interests and strengths in order to make a decision. In this article, we are looking at the differences when it comes to public and private school education.

Public schools are funded by taxes and private schools are not funded by the government. There is an additional cost involved when you send your child to a private school. However, this additional cost can be considered an investment in the child’s education and future. You can search online for best private schools in Brisbane to get an idea of the options that are open to you. Student tuition is what finds private schools and this tuition can vary depending on the school. You need to consider whether this is affordable for you. The cost for tuition will depend on the variety of programmes provided by the school, the curriculum, availability of facilities, quality of the facilities, location of the school etc. You can also check whether there are assistance programmes provided by the school for tuition. Generally, the students that attend public schools are those in the neighbourhood but there is more of a selection when it comes to private schools. This is because when selecting private schools, several aspects such as educations facilities, the philosophy of the school and the religious focus of the school are considered. Whether or not it is in the same neighbourhood is not always a driving factor. There are private boarding schools that provide accommodation for the students so that you will be able to provide an exemplary education for your child.

When it comes to public schools, education is provided to all students without any admission criteria. However, admission criteria are important when it comes to private schools as there is an admission process that includes interviews and entrance exams. So this latter process is definitely selective and not all students will be able to get in. As private schools are not limited by what they can do with public funds, they are able to provide broader opportunities in terms of an expansive curriculum and the number of programmes they provide. And this is the main reason that many parents tend to choose private school education. This financial freedom allows schools to develop curriculums with higher standards and there are more educational avenues open to the students. There is also more focus on extra-curricular activities and sports so you are able to select a school based on the sports that your child is interested in. The curriculum of a public school is regulated by the government and there are strict regulations they need to follow when it comes to operation.

All schools have a selection process of teachers that will include checking of educational qualifications, certifications, teaching experience and various background checks. Many private schools have a more rigorous selection process where they place more importance on advanced degrees whereas state certifications will be the minimum standard for public schools. A private school can employ teachers outside of the state certification requirements as long as the certification is accepted by the school selection criteria.

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