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Innovative Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

To ensure your kitchen is clutter-free, there are so many changes you can do in your kitchen. This can improve the functionality of your kitchen so that daily tasks can be carried out more efficiently.

You can look into kitchen renovation companies in Brighton that can help you in creating a kitchen that is suited to your style of working. You need to think about how to improve efficiency in the kitchen so that you can get all your tasks done within a short time. One of the ways you can improve kitchen storage is by installing pull-out pantry shelves. These will slide out and you can easily access the items at the back of your pantry without having to bend and rummage through the cabinets. You can find so many designs and sizes for these shelves depending on the dimensions of your kitchen. You can customise the shelves according to your storage requirements. For example, you can have shelves dedicated to spices, canned goods and dry ingredients. This will ensure that everything in the kitchen is within reach and highly visible.

The corners can be difficult areas to make use of but you can use corner cabinets for this.

You can use pull-out corner shelves, lazy Susans, and corner drawers so that this awkward space can be used properly. You can use a lazy Susan here and you can access items easily because of its rotating shelves. You can also look into pull-out corner shelves that extend outward so that you can easily retrieve items without having to reach deep inside. Then there are corner drawers that come with an angled face where you can store pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials. The space under the cabinets can be used as well. You can have under-cabinet hooks to hang utensils, mugs and small pots and pans. You can also use magnetic strips to hold metal tools and knives. There are under-cabinet shelves or baskets that can be used to store foil, plastic wrap and cutting boards. To make the most of drawers, you need to have proper dividers. Adjustable drawer organizers can be used to keep utensils, cutlery, and kitchen tools separated so that you can easily access what you want. If the drawers are deep, you can use stackable trays or bins so that layers of storage can be created.

Make the most of your vertical space by having wall-mounted racks or pegboards installed.

These can store kitchen tools, pots and pans. You can also store baking sheets, trays and cutting boards this way. You can store spices in a vertical pull-out pantry and this will easily fit into narrow spaces. You can have shelves added above countertops or along any empty walls in the kitchen so that additional space can be created for items that you use all the time. If your kitchen has a high ceiling, you can have an overhead pot rack. This will free up space in your cabinets and you can easily access the cookware when you are starting to prepare meals.

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