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How To Do Your Eyebrows Like A Pro

The eyebrow game has been changing a lot over the past couple of years. Back in the 2000s thin eyebrows were the style, however as time passed people realized that eyebrows in fact were something to embrace which started the trend of thicker, fuller brows.

There have been too many changes in trends to keep up with, but if one thing is for sure it is that you have to take care of our natural eyebrows just like you would maintain your hair. Since embracing your natural features have now become a thing here are 5 ways to style your brows like a pro.

Find your shape

Depending on the shape of your face your eyebrows will lift in a way that adds angle to your face. While you may want to style it higher or even lower, it is important to make note of the natural shape of your brows.

The best way to style it of course to fill or define the shape of your existing brows. Brush it to the side or upwards but maintain the natural direction of the hair. Use tools and various products to accentuate your brows to its best potential. You’ll find that our brow groomers are a fun and easy way to experiment with your natural brows.

Pluck, tweeze or thread only the extra hairs

Every woman has gone through the dread of feeling like her entire brow has been threaded off at some point. And nothing is worse than the feeling of seeing your eyebrows after a bad threading session.

In order to make sure your salon or even yourself do not mess up when threading eye brows is to concentrate on the extra hairs only. Once they have been taken out you will see your brows go back to its original shape. After this you are free to take a tug at any hairs that are out of place. This step-by-step process reduces the chances of eyebrow plucking disasters.

Learn how to take care of them

Eye brows may seem like something you don’t have to put too much consideration into. However, they too require the same level of care as you would give your hair. There are plenty of brow gels and creams that can be applied to keep the hair soft and look vibrant. This too will help if you use a lot of products on them constantly. It helps keep its natural lustre and may not even require any enhancing products such as fillers.

Know how to accentuate them

Depending on your skin colour and brow colour you can make them pop or dial it down accordingly. On warmer skin tones dark browns and blacks help keep a natural look making the eyebrows look more defined. Light skin tones can use dark shades to make them pop and grab attention to them. The colours used will also depend on what kind of eye makeup you are planning on making.

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