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Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Ovulation Test Strips

For couple trying to get pregnant, ovulation test strips are a blessing since it helps identify when an ovulation is about to happen. Ovulationstrips work by detecting the level of luteinizing hormone or LH in the urine.

This hormone rises during ovulation to trigger the release of the egg. Some ovulationstrips work like pregnancy test stick where you need to pee directly on the stick. Other kits include one or more paper test strips that you dip into your urine that you have collected in a cup that is also included in the kit.

The results of the test can indicate if you are about to ovulate and could assist you in timing intercourse for conception. Typically, you must have intercourse every day for the next few days as soon as you get a positive result. Since it is beneficial in timing the most optimal time when you should have intercourse for conception, is there really a disadvantage to using one?


One of the advantages of using ovulationstrips is that they are effortless. They are practical and even if you are busy with a lot of things, it takes less effort than other ovulation tracking techniques because you only need to use them in the middle of your cycle. Another method that women use to track their ovulation is by monitoring their basal body temperature.

This is also a proven effective method but the problem is you need to do this on a daily basis which might not be advisable for those women with a busy schedule. They are also simple to use and you could even check your ovulation even when you are at work or anywhere where you could pee and wait for the result in peace. Ovulation test strips are also accessible and could be bought from any drugstores or pharmacies without a prescription. Other large supermarkets and convenience stores sell them as well as online shops. Shop Today!


Not all women who want to monitor their ovulation could use the strips since it could give them a false positive result. When traces of certain fertility medicines are in the body, the results might not be reliable since the hormones are out of whack because of the fertility medications. Women who are also over 40 years old or those whose age is close to the menopausal age; ovulation test strips don’t reliably work since the level of LH in their systems is already elevated.

Using the test would give them a false positive. Another disadvantage is that ovulation test strips could be pricey. Depending on the brand and the number of tests included in every kit, they could cost from $15 to $50. However, since they are useful the price should not really be an issue.

Ovulation test kits are not really necessary but they can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. If you have concerns about whether using ovulation test strips is for you, talk to your doctor about it and perhaps they could even tell you which brand is best.

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