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What to Know About Powder Coated Finishes?

Powder coating has many benefits and it is used for many applications as well. You can find powder coating finishes in household appliances, architectural elements, automotive parts etc. and these tend to last a long time as well.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process and in this process

A fine pigmented powder and resin is applied onto a substrate such as metal using electrostatic charge. The powder will be cured under heat to ensure the uniformity and durability of the coating. This step will ensure that the powder is adhered to the surface of the substrate securely. There are no solvents needed in this process such as when you use in liquid coatings which makes this process environmentally friendly.

Newcastle powder coating finishes are extremely durable and can last a long time. They are resistant to scratches, fading, corrosion and chips. Because of this durability, these finishes are great for applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions. For example, you can use powder coating finishes for architectural elements exposed to outdoors, outdoor furniture and automotive components. The aesthetic appeal of this finish will remain for a long time ensuring their protective properties.   

These coatings are also highly versatile

Because you can use this on a variety of substrates. For example, powder coated finishes can be done on metal, plastic, wood and glass. This paves the way to innovative design solutions in so many different industries. You can have textured finishes, vibrant colours and even use specialised coatings depending on the application. This allows you to enjoy the flexibility of this finish. You can reach out to a powder coating service provider to ask about the customisation options available. Powder coating has an aesthetic appeal that is much sought after and it allows for superior colour retention. You can match colours precisely and be able to achieve bold and vibrant hues. This process ensures consistent coverage of the substrate and you will be able to enjoy a flawless finish that will elevate the visual impact of your surface or product.

Many designers and manufacturers

Choose powder coating as it allows them to choose from a wide range of textures, finishes and colours so that they can get the exact aesthetic effect they are looking for. There are environmental benefits of these finishes as well because they have a minimal impact on the environment compared to traditional liquid coatings. There are no VOCs or volatile organic compounds in powder coatings as opposed to many solvent based paints. This will minimise health risks for the environment and the workers.

You can also recycle and reuse powder coating overspray which is a great way to reduce waste. The initial cost of powder coating can be a little higher compared to conventional liquid coatings but given their durability and reduced maintenance, you will be able to enjoy cost savings in the long run. This process is also quite efficient and the finish will cure faster with minimal waste of materials which further add to overall cost savings.

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