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Shielding Your Solar Panels from Pigeon Damage: Professional Pigeon Proofing: Its Importance

Attention solar panel owners: If you discover some unwanted squatters on the top of your roof, Though pigeons might seem innocent at first sight, their presence can paralyze solar panels. These feathered demons may wreak havoc on your solar panels in both their waste products, or while nest-building. But fear not! In this blog, we will discuss professional pigeon proofing and how it prevents your solar investment from these birds. So grab your favorite brew and let’s dive in.

Effects Pigeon Damage on Solar Panel Output.

Pigeons may cause large damages to solar panels. These irritating birds have an exceptional ability to colonize, breed and spread debris on the surfaces of solar panels. This blockage could reduce the amount of solar energy that photovoltaic cells can receive, leading to lower-energy production.

However, when pigeons nest under or around solar panels their droppings are a twofold danger. They not only leave an unwanted mess but also include corrosive components that degrade panels’ protective coating. This type of corrosion reduces their power generation efficiency.

Pigeon activity near solar panel installations causes electrical issues. Pigeons eat wires and cables, which may endanger their life or lead to the malfunction of systems.

The fact that the damage caused by pigeons reduces efficiency means that your solar panels will produce less energy. In the long-term it means a situation where one does not get maximum benefits from their investment because there is an opportunity of saving on electricity bills.

To solve such problems and for the ultimate productivity of your solar panel system, it is important to spend on professional pigeon proofing actions. In order to keep pigeons from damaging your panels by roosting and nesting in it, use some deterrents such as netting or spikes.

Do not let the pigeons destroy your solar panel systems. Ensure secure protection of your assets with custom-made pigeon proofing solar panels solutions for rooftop installations.

Professional Pigeon Proofing Process

Protecting your solar panels from pigeons must not be taken lightly. These birds can cause devastations to your investment reducing the energy efficiency and ultimately high costs of repair. Thus, pigeon proofing should always be done with the help of professionals.

This process begins with a thorough technical assessment of your solar panel system from professional technicians. They will look for any old damage that has been caused by the pigeons, and they shall locate areas through which these birds can penetrate.

Second, the specialists will implement suitable deterrence measures based on your solar panel setup. This may also be the inclusion of bird spikes or netting at the edge level for these panels to stop sitting and nesting by pigeons.

In addition, some special tools like motion-activated devices or ultrasonic repellers can be employed to stop pigeons from getting close enough your solar panels. They operate not only to emit aversive sounds or vibrations by the birds, but do not bother human beings nor other animals.

Pigeon proofing is always professional if it involves regular maintenance and inspection. It ensures that any signs of re-infestation are detected at an early stage and addressed promptly before more damage is done.

Pigeon proofing ensures that your solar panels are well protected from the pests and you can even monitor their efficiency without any interference. Thus, there is no need to wait – call pigeon control experts today!

Benefits of Professional Pigeon Proofing

The discussions in this blog post have covered the detrimental effects that pigeon can cause on solar panels and professional pigeons proofing However, it is important to mention some major benefits that are connected with the professional help concerning this issue.

1. Long-Term Protection: If you decide to invest in professional pigeon-proofing your building, that investment can be considered a long term solution. The methods that a professional eliminates also not only do away with pigeon nests, but ensures they cannot nest on your solar panels in future. In other words, you won’t spend a lot of money and time due to bird damage or repairs.

2. Enhanced Efficiency: If proper pigeon proof measures are given, the working solar panels will work effectively in case droppings or nests do not interfere with sunlight absorption. By keeping these unwanted visitors out, you will benefit from enhanced energy production and efficiency in your solar system.

3. Preserving Panel Lifespan: The solar panels are a considerable capital investment, and thus their long-term sustainability can only be guaranteed if they remain undamaged. This is because corrosive contents of pigeon droppings are capable of destroying panel surfaces over a period when left untreated. Professional pigeon proofing secures your investment because it prevents such damage and increases the lifespan of solar panels.

4. Health and Safety: Pigeon populations can pose health risks due to illnesses transmitted by these birds or their fecal matter. Also, climbing up to the rooftops or handling DIY plans without professionalism leads to accidents and injuries. Professional hiring of the personnel ensures that safety measures are followed while at the same time providing necessary solutions to deter pigeon activities near your solar panels.

5.Cost-Effective Solution: Nevertheless, there are numerous DIY preventions of pigeons living on solar roofs online; which can cause only temporary respite or even sometimes do more harm than good if inappropriately applied.

The option to hire professional services may seem like just an additional expense, but in the long run it is a cost-effective practice.

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