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Coverage Options for Pre-existing Medical Conditions in Travel Insurance

Travelling can be a great adventure but if you have a pre-existing medical condition, there can be some challenges that you have to deal with. This is why it is important to select the right travel insurance so that your health issues are considered in the coverage.

There is a wide variety of pre-existing medical conditions

Such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc. And you need to disclose all relevant medical history to the insurance provider so that you get adequate coverage. There are many coverage options to consider when it comes to obtaining a travel insurance for pre-existing medical condition. There are full coverage policies that comes with higher premiums and extensive coverage. These will include medical expenses, trip cancellation, emergency medical evacuation and interruption to the trip as a result of pre-existing conditions. Many insurance companies will need travellers to go through a medical screening or give medical underwriting details so that their eligibility for coverage of pre-existing conditions can be evaluated. Based on the evaluation, the insurance provider will offer tailored coverage options, impose limitations and adjust premiums.

You may also be offered a waiver of pre-existing conditions exclusion

So that you can receive coverage during the trip for any related medical expenses. But there are specific criteria that you have to meet in order to qualify for the waiver. For example, you may need to purchase insurance within a certain time period after you book your trip or there can be age requirements. There are also coverage options that are tailored to specific pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes or hypertension. There will be enhanced coverage for medical expenses that are related to this specific condition. Some of the inclusions will be doctor visits, prescription medications and emergency treatment. There will most often be coverage for emergency medical evacuation included in the travel insurance policy. If you need specialised medical care for a pre-existing medical condition and this is not available at the place you are travelling to, you can be safely transported to a medical facility that is suitable for your purposes in a medical emergency.

You also need to check

Whether the insurance policy is covering the cost for essential medications and treatments during the trip. Not every policy will do this so you have to check whether there is coverage for outpatient services, prescription medications and medical supplies that are related to pre-existing medical conditions. Also, in the event of a trip cancellation or if your trip is interrupted as a result of your pre-existing medical condition worsening, the travel insurance will typically offer coverage. This will be for any losses that you incur from cutting short a trip or cancelling a trip due to health reasons. There are many factors to consider when choosing coverage for pre-existing medical conditions such as disclosing your medical history comprehensively and accurately, checking the coverage limits and exclusions of the insurance policy and the cost of premiums.

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